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Take control of your sky

Early detection of potential security threat
Classification between friendly and malicious drones
Accurate direction information
Optimal cost value
Artificial intelligence
Easy deployment
Remote access 
Drone swarm protection
Mitigation of threat
Long range detection
skycope technologies

We provide solutions for...


Secure your airport from any vulnerability and incursions of drones to prevent major incidents and disruption to air-traffic.

Prisons / Correctional Facilities

Provide correctional facilities the upper hand in protecting their airspace from unwanted drones and dangerous contraband deliveries

Law Enforcement

Detect a drone with malicious intent before it can cause any harm to the general public.


Increased national security threats as a number of illegal drones enter restricted airspace.

Arenas / Stadiums

Protect the people, game fans along with all personnel from unauthorized drones

Government Agencies 

Counter and secure critical premises, sensitive facilities, military bases, borders against intrusion of unwanted drones into sensitive airspace

Critical Infrastructure

Keep critical infrastructure sites pro-active and informed of any drone threats in real time and have the counter measures to defend and secure

Energy and Utilities

Protect critical targets from the threats coming from the sky.

Personal Security

Other personal use.

Take control of your sky
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