compatible with Skycope’s detection products

Smart and Powerful

Hyperlink to SkyEye
Combination with near zero false alarm and IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) capability in SkyEye
Smart & Automatic
SkyGuard can provide 24/7 autonomous defence operations
Multiband Support
SkyGuard supports consumer and commercial ISM frequencies

Powerful Defense

SkyGuard can defend immediately.
SkyGuard is more powerful than any other jamming device for the counter-drone purpose. When the drone is close to its remote controller, the controller signal power at the drone is higher than the jammer's power, making the jamming device ineffective. However, this is not the case with SkyGuard's powerful defensive capability. No matter how close the drone and its remote controller are, the user will rest assured. SkyGuard's Jammer-to-Signal distance (J/S)* ratio exceeds 20:1. **

*J-to-S distance ratio: Jammer to Signal distance ratio is expressed as the jammer-drone distance (i.e., Jammer distance) divided by RC-drone distance (i.e., Signal distance)
**tested on DJI MAVIC 2 (CE/SRRC/MIC standards)

Jamming Gun can only defense when the users see the drone.
SkyGuard can defense immediately as long as the drone is detected by SkyEye.
  • Defense Range
    Up to 3 km radius
  • Defense Angle
    Full 360 degrees, all airspace
  • Weight
    12 kg
  • Dimensions
    120 mm (width)
    405 mm (height)
    240 mm (depth)
  • Operating temperature
    -20°C to 60°C
  • Power Supply
    AC 100 ~ 240W
  • Frequency Bands
    Consumer and commercial ISM frequencies

SkyGuard Jammer  (the “Devices”) have not been authorized as required by the Radiocommunication Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. R-2) and related Regulations in Canada.

Skycope may not sell or lease the Devices in Canada, other than to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and Military, its agencies, and its properly delegated representatives until such authorization is obtained.

For users outside Canada, Laws limiting the availability of the “Devices” to certain types of users may apply in other jurisdictions, Skycope may facilitate the sale or lease the Devices to parties only in compliance with the applicable laws.

If you want to purchase or lease the Devices, Skycope may need to verify your authorization first, and Skycope may outsource the manufacturing and customization of the Devices outside Canada.

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