SkyTracker : Pinpoint Accuracy in the Sky

SkyTracker is enhanced with Geolocation and RemoteID technology, efficiently detects and pinpoints both drone and pilot geolocations.


3-minute setup, extremely easy to use.
  • Geolocation on DJI Drones +
    Parrot + Some other drones
  • Direction finding (bearing) for non-DJI drones
  • Detection of All major vendors
    and DIY Drones


  • Up To 7Km Geolocation Range
  • Up To 35Km Detection Range
    With RF Direction Finding

SkyTracker VS AeroScope G8零代码excel转HTML)
SkyTracker Aeroscope G8
DJI + Remote ID + Parrot+Some other drones Supported drone brands for geolocation information DJI Only
All major vendors Support for non-DJI and DIY drones Absent
Yes Detect direction (bearing) for non-DJI drones No
Yes Identification of artificially forged signals( Fake Aeroscope/GPS broadcast by a RF device) No
Yes Ability to detect DJI’s non-Aeroscope transmitting products No
Yes Capacity to Upgrade to detect new drones No
IP66 IP rating IP54
2.4GHz, 5.2GHz & 5.8GHz Detection frequencies 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz
-25 to +55֯c Operating temperature -20 to +40֯c

SkyTracker at work

Detection Features

Powerful detection capability

Extensive Library
Extensive library covers 300+ models of drones and remote controllers
Accessible Onboarding via SkyTracker
SkyTracker software upgrade provides precise trajectory, location data for most popular consumer Drones/RCs
Electronic Fingerprints
Drone identification with electronic fingerprints differentiate between friend and foe
High Accuracy
With serial number of drones and Skycope's electronic fingerprints, the detection has near zero false alarm

Note : Please be informed that the geolocation information of DJI drones in SkyTracker is obtained from DJI's geolocation broadcast protocol “Aeroscope”, which is currently unencrypted. We have integrated several unique techniques that have led to a remarkable improvement in the detection range, surpassing other similar products in the market.
It is crucial to note that if DJI decides to upgrade or encrypt this protocol in the future, we may face challenges in continuing support for geolocation information for the new versions/models. However SkyTracker will still continue to display correctly the detection, direction (DF) information along with Skycope's unique identification, i.e., only the support for geolocation information may be impacted. The firmware update or encryption by DJI will not affect geolocation performance of SkyTracker for other compliant drones and remoteID (including DJI remoteID) in US and EU countries.

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