Canadian Defence CUAS Sandbox 2022


pe at Canadian IDEaS CUAS 2022 Sandbox
- Summary of the results

How might we detect and/or defeat (kinetically or non-kinetically) Micro and Mini Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) with systems that can be integrated into the broader military command and control system?”


Skycope team recently has participated in the IDEaS Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems (CUAS) 2022 Sandbox, along with Thales Canada, and CS Group - Canada. This event was held at Canadian Forces Base Suffield, Alberta, in September - October of 2022.

The Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) CUAS 2022 Sandbox is led by the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) in a coordinated effort with the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The US Department of Defense’s Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD) has also attended the CUAS 2022 Sandbox as an official Application Evaluator and Observer.

Photo: Steven Berry / Department of National Defence “REDTEAM” by IDEaS CUAS 2022 Sandbox, Oct. 2022,

The objectives of the IDEas CUAS 2022 Sandbox is best described in its website, which we quote below:

“With the drone's threat increasing complexity, size, and speed, it is time for an additional Sandbox to provide the opportunity for new or improved innovations in this difficult problem space.

While UAS threats come in many sizes, those of concern in this particular Sandbox are:

  • Micro UAS with typical characteristics of: <2kg, up to 200ft Above Ground Level (AGL), normal mission radius of 5km Line of Sight (LOS);
  • Mini UAS with typical characteristics of: 2-15kg, up to 3000ft AGL, normal mission radius of 25km LOS; and
  • While operating at high speeds up to 200 kph.”

We at Skycope were excited to take on the Sandbox challenge with our long range RF detection system, SkyEye, and RF defeat system, SkyGuard

During the event, our equipment was thoroughly tested in different operational scenarios against various UAS and drone targets for evaluating the performance in detection, classification, identification, tracking, and defeat of UAS. 

Below is a summary of the test results in this event:

  1. 35KM detection distance:
    SkyEye detected drones from 35KM distance with solid and strong direction tracking. In particular, SkyEye detected one commercial drone from 35.1km, and another commercial drone from 31.9km.
  2. Selective Jamming:
    Successfully demonstrated our selective jamming feature (a.k.a smart defence) multiple times, where only one selected drone would be jammed while other drones, wifi, bluetooth and other RF equipment operating in the same band (for example, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands) would not be affected.
  3. Drone swarm detection and multi-object tracking:
    SkyEye detected 14 out of 14 drones of different types flown at the same time from various distances and locations, with accurate direction finding (DF).
  4. 100% Detection coverage:
    SkyEye detected 100% of the drones that the Canadian Department of Defence (DND) had in their fleet including commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and Do-It-Yourself(DIY)/Hobbyist quadcopter and fixed wing drones.
  5. 100% Defeat coverage:
    SkyGuard defended/jammed 100% of the tested drones, including DJI Mavic3 drone which we know is difficult to defeat using jammers.

It is noteworthy that we expected all of the above results except item 1, the 35KM detection distance; We had never tested such a range as our headquarters location, the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada, is surrounded by mountains and does not offer a test range in this scale.

We would like to thank the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), RCMP, and DRDC for the opportunity to showcase our detection and defeat products and for providing us with feedback from the perspective of the end user. We also would like to extend our thanks to Thales Canada for putting together a team including us for participating in the Sandbox.

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