market-leading performance

The Smallest AI Super-powered CUAS platform

SkyCore is designed and manufactured by Skycope Technologies with the purpose to add drone detection support to the existing security solutions.

SkyCore can help users quickly customize their own counter-drone products with market-leading performance without worrying about ongoing update costs.

skycore detection technology

Industry Leading Performance


Drone library coverage


Near zero false alarms


Simultaneous detection load


All-airspace detection


No signal emission 


Extremely small footprint

Flexible customization

SkyCore can help our partners quickly launch their customized Counter-Drone products that fit their business demands

  • No need to worry about ongoing update cost
  • Make your own counter-drone product with our market-leading performance standards
    Make your own counter-drone product with our market-leading performance standards

Smallest & the most powerful

SkyCore is the World's smallest and most powerful AI supercomputer UAV detection system

  • Customized to provide the easiest, fastest and most economical integration platform
  • For any counter-drone product manufacturer and service providers
quick and easy

own your drone detection product

Use case: Integrate with Emergency response
Hardware and software features

Market Leading Performance

Nvidia's Xavier
Built on Nvidia's Xavier, the world’s smallest AI supercomputer
Powerful SDR Processing
Supports a broad radio frequency range 70M-6G, covering most licensed and unlicensed bands
Software Upgrades
Support long-term cutting-edge counter-drone technology and customized signal awareness features
User-friendly Interface
The user interface and interaction is simple, straightforward, and open
Accessible Onboarding via SkyTracker
SkyTracker software upgrade provides affordable entry-level trajectory, location data for most popular consumer drones
Detection Features

Powerful detection capability

Extensive Library
Extensive library covers 450+ models of drones and remote controllers
AI Powered
Detecting unknown and new drones not covered
in the library
Electronic Fingerprints
Drone identification with electronic fingerprints differentiate between friend and foe
High Accuracy
With AI and electronic fingerprints, the detection has near zero false alarm

Flexible integration with counter-drone devices

  • Integrate with detection devices, such as radar, camera and video surveillance systems, acoustic sensors, etc.
  • Integrate with interception and jamming devices for drone interdiction and threat mitigation

Customized Product Design

  • Customized small backpack counter-drone product design
  • Detect Range
    1 ~ 2 km (Up to 10 km with additional accessories)
  • Weight
    600 g
  • Dimensions
    6 inches
  • Frequency Bands
    Consumer and commercial ISM frequencies
  • Power Supply Mode
    12V or 24V (recommended)
  • Scanning Frequency Resolution
  • Dynamic Range
  • Minimum Frequency Bandwidth Detectable
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