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Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, are becoming more common, and consequently pose threats to people and infrastructure in sensitive locations such as airports, energy facilities, prisons, and military bases. We founded Skycope in 2016 to solve the small drone problem.

Skycope develops radio frequency (RF) spectrum sensing devices, including software and hardware, that search for drones and their remote-controllers, classify and identify them, and track their direction and location. The four pillars in Skycope products are being data-driven, development of cutting edge signal processing technologies, continuous innovation in RF artificial-intelligence (AI), and countless real world experiments.

skycope technologies

Our mission

Skycope’s mission, however, is beyond anti-drone; it is to make the radio smart and transform the outdated wireless industry. We team up with the world's best and brightest people to help make this future a reality.

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