Smart & Autonomous
AI Powered Next-Generation Counter-Drone Technology
AI-powered CUAS: enhanced coverage, enhanced safety
Smart and powerful
AI-powered CUAS: enhanced coverage, enhanced safety
The smallest AI super-powered CUAS platform
Ultra-Light Wearable Solution
counter-drone solution

How It Works

Detect a huge variety of drones based on our extensive library
ID the drones which helps distinguish between friendly and malicious drones
Track the drones direction, location and trajectory
Defend against drones with malicious intent, neutralize the threat
RF sensor

Flexible Deployment

As the core part of the drone detection solution, the RF sensor listens to the RF environment and searches for drones and their remote-controllers(RC).
Classifies and identifies drones/RC
Tracks drones' direction and location
Designed with plug-and-play philosophy: deploy in less than 5 minutes
Lightweight and portable
No calibration required
Intuitive user interface that connects to any laptop, tablet or mobile phones
Access any time, from anywhere and any device

Cloud control

Multiple RF sensors can be managed by Skycope’s control center.
  • From the cloud or your private network
  • Multiple sensors can be monitored and managed at once
  • 24×7 operation and access from any device

Open architecture

Bring the power of Skycope’s RF sensor into your system leveraging Skycope’s open architecture
  • Modular approach to supporting integration of counter-drone technology
  • Supporting advancement of counter-drone technology with SkyCore – pocket sized computing core with Skycope’s Al/library support
  • Extensive API support to integrate Skycope’s products in different solutions
  • Standalone defence solution that can work in conjunction with other drone detection products
Take control of your sky
With Skycope Smart Radio
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