Subject: Skycope's Response to the news about Moscow University Importing the Canadian SkyEye and Safeguarding Reputation

Dear Skycope customers, partners, and followers,

Regarding the recent news : “Moscow university imports the Canadian SkyEye for research purposes, as it is developing anti-drone devices” that came to our attention:
This is the first time we have heard that our device has been used at Moscow University, and we suspect it is either fake news, or a counterfeit product, or obtained illegally for reverse engineering purposes. In light of our products, or counterfeit versions of them, appearing in Russia or on Russian websites, we hereby declare that as a Canadian company, we adhere to Canada's export restrictions. We do not provide products and services to countries where they are prohibited.

As a leading counter-drone technology innovator and manufacturer, we are committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and services; we regret that we cannot control the circulation of our products or prevent them from being counterfeited. We declare that we do not provide services to countries and regions banned by Canada. Furthermore, we do not have any distributors in countries that are under embargo.

This counterfeit issue started several months ago, when we learned that an unidentified third party has created and is operating a counterfeit website at “”, and copied our website content including trademark, product images and information. Our lawyer sent letters for taking legal action against it, and the website was taken offline immediately without any response from the owner. After the counterfeit website issue, we have implemented technical countermeasures to prevent the misuse of our products in countries restricted by the Canadian government, which includes Russia.

We receive numerous inquiries for our products and services. We carefully identify the source of each request and conduct our due diligence to ensure we are not engaging with any of the countries restricted by the Canadian government.

Finally our drone detection system is not a weapon, it can only be used for saving lives. Our most significant focus is in protecting the airspace of Canada and all its allies.

We continue to work proactively to help our affiliate nation Ukraine and are open to collaborating with potential dealer partners to deploy our systems to Ukraine for life-saving purposes.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust.

Skycope Security Incident Response Team

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