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Solution Overview

Drone Threats



Not only are drones a potentially catastrophic risk to aircraft, but their radio frequency emissions can interfere with wireless networks and communications systems, making for a potentially catastrophic situation that could lead to loss of life. When you partner with Skycope Technologies we will work together to protect and keep your airspace safe from drones that pose malicious intent.


Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance


Small drones can hide in plain sight, making it easier for bad actors to do anything from stealing trade secrets to coordinating a ground attack; keep them at bay with a Skycope Technologies Anti-Drone System.




Small drones are effective at bypassing physical security and have been used to transport drugs and other illegal materials into

prisons and across international borders. With Skycope Technologies as your Anti-Drone partner, we will work together and totally eliminate this threat.




Drones can carry and dispense chemicals/biological agents, radiological materials, explosives or even be flown as projectiles into crowds. Keep people and property safe when deploying a Skycope Technologies Anti-Drone System Counter Measure.

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