Stationary · Passive Detection

  • Up to 10KM detection range

  • Extensive library coverage of drones and remote controllers: 100+ models

  • Near zero false alarm

  • Reliable direction finding

  • Drone identification: differentiate friend and foe

  • Easy to install, operate and integrate with other devices

SkyEye is a passive detection only product with zero signal emission, specially suitable for airports, chemical industries and areas that are sensitive to signal interference. 


SkyEye has a long-range detection range with reliable direction finding and near zero false alarm features, which comes at a high performance to cost ratio. A single device can provide coverage to small and medium sized venues, such as prisons, government agencies, etc. For future expansion or extension of coverage areas, multiple SkyEye can be easily connected.  


SkyEye provides an open interface, which makes it easy to integrate with other detection devices, such as radar, camera and video surveillance systems, acoustic sensors, etc.,  as well as different interception and jamming devices for drone interdiction and threat mitigation. 


Detection Methodology: Passive detection of radio-frequency (RF) signals; zero emission

Detection Range: up to 10KM

Detection Frequency Bands: 840MHz 868MHz 915MHz 2.4GHz 5.8GHz

Detection Angle Range: Full 360°(all-airspace)

Single Device Direction Finding (DF) Accuracy: 7.5° RMS

Additional Features

Electronic Fingerprints:  UAVs and remote controllers are detected precisely and identified with electronic fingerprints

Whitelist/Blacklist: Supports white/blacklist feature for certain UAV brands/models, which helps to distinguish between friend and foe drones

Access to GUI

Multi-user login and access at the same time

Different user authorizations setting

Remote and mobile access

centralized and distributed monitoring

System upgrade

Can be done online or offline

Dynamic deployment

supports cloud as well as local deployment. Flexible multisite, multi-device deployment is possible using the cloud server


Environment and Installation

Shell protection level ≥IP66

Operating temperature: (-25±2)°C to (+55±2)°C