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Our R&D Division

When you partner up with Skycope Technologies you can rest assured that your anti-drone solutions system will never become obsolete or fall behind any new drone technology. Our R&D team works hard to stay one step ahead with our leading and cutting-edge anti-drone (C-UAV) system to detect and identify any new drone technology before it can be used by anyone with malicious intent to cause harm to the public or infrastructure. 


Skycope Technologies R&D team is made up of a dedicated group of scientists, engineers and technology professionals specialized in coding theory, wireless communication, signal processing, information technology, network security, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.


Skycope Technologies R&D team is always updated about new technologies and works tirelessly to keep our products and services at the state-of-the-art. What separates us from competitors is our commitment to providing our customers with ever-improving product. Skycope's R&D team is committed to protect and secure your sky-space in the present day and in the future.