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Skycope's anti-drone systems and technology will give correctional facilities the upper hand in protecting their airspace from unwanted drones and dangerous contraband deliveries. Incorporating one of our anti-drone systems into your facility allows you to achieve a proactive drone detection system, build intelligence around the scope and problem by auditing airspace, and then translate that information into strategic security protocol. Skycope's anti-drone system will allow security personnel to follow the drones flight path and disable the drone threat. For more information on how you can protect your correctional facility from the drone threats, please contact Skycope Technologies and we will work together to build a safe-space.

Drones have emerged as a significant threat to prison security worldwide. Drones are able to track movement and help planning organized crimes and sophisticated attacks against correctional facilities. Studies have shown that drones are successfully used to smuggle contraband into prisons and the results are frightening – and demonstrate exactly why the industry needs counter drone technology to be implemented over prisons and other sensitive facilities.