Government Agencies

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are widely used by civilians for recreational and peaceful purposes. However, they can also be retro-fitted and weaponized, which pose a serious potential threat to a country’s border security and critical infrastructure. Many recent incidents have happened, where UAVs have been found violating security of sensitive facilities, prisons, airports, military, borders, stadiums, critical infrastructure, large areas of public gatherings etc.

It is becoming extremely important to identify any drones that are flying over and into such critical airspace, and neutralize it in real time if found to be a possible threat before any damage or loss of life occurs.


It will be a top priority for all government agencies to have the tools to counter and secure critical premises against intrusion of unwanted drones into sensitive airspace.

Skycope's anti-drone system will give you the necessary tools to detect, identify, track, mitigate or neutralize any potential drone threat. Skycope's anti-drone system software comes with an integrated map application, allowing the operator of the system to have a full visual of where the drones and pilots are located, and the ability to easily neutralize the drone.  


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