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“The possibilities of commercial drones being used by terrorists are quite high, they could be turned into flying bombs capable of hitting critical targets”


Drone technology has rapidly advanced in recent years. Unfortunately, drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are being used as weapons. There is an increasing concern about the intended use of drones, i.e., invasion of privacy, covert delivery of drugs and weapons, endangerment of critical infrastructures and terrorist attacks. Unlike other technologies developed over recent years, drones have managed to intrude into our physical space. 


“Ever-more advanced drones capable of carrying sophisticated imaging and weaponized payloads are readily available to the civilian market”

Skycope Technologies anti-drone systems will protect you from these drone-threats. Skycope is an anti-drone high-tech company that sells hardware and software that can detect, identify, locate and neutralize UAVs in real-time.


At Skycope Technologies, we are constantly working with our R&D team to stay steps ahead of any drone technology that’s being used for a malicious intent. Let us work together to protect your facility from the threats coming from the sky.


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