Modular UAV Detection Engine

The Signal Awareness as Service (SAAS) product including Hardware, Software, and R&D service.

  • for Anti-UAV partners

      - Provide the fastest and most economical way,  have their own high-performance anti UAV product line

  • for Anti-UAV partners

      - Provide the fastest and most economical way, with its own unique signal detection product line

SkyEye is a passive detection product, only receiving signals, not transmitting signals. Especially suitable for airport, petroleum and petrochemical areas sensitive to signal interference. SkyEye can be used in networking to achieve large interview detection coverage.

SkyEye has super detection ability, near 0 false alarm, which integrates Direction Finding with high cost performance. Single device is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized places such as prisons, government agencies, etc.


SkyEye also provides an open interface, which can be integrated with other devices, such as radar, photoelectric, navigation, etc.

SkyEye can also be used in conjunction with jammer products to complete detection and strike.


Luxury built-in Anti-UAS engine

The smallest wireless AI platform in the world

Based on the Nvidia's Xavier NX SOM (The World’s Smallest AI Supercomputer for Embedded and Edge Systems.)

Long-term cutting-edge anti-UAV technology supporting

SAAS - Signal Awareness as Service

Near zero false alarm

Extensive drone coverage library

AI for detecting unknown drones

Drone Identification (Friend & Foe)

24/7 autonomous operation
Small + clean interface


1. Providing SkyCore modular product

2. Providing product Reference design

3. Providing signal detecting R&D service, using cutting-edge RF signal decoding and wireless machine learning.

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Application 1

Integrated the existing system, for example, jamming system

SkyCore Application1.png

Application 2

Customized backpack

SkyCore Application2.png

Application 3

Client: I want to launch a product to monitor the signal of * * next month.

Skycope:  Sure, we can do it: SAAS -> SkyCore platform, customized features, product design reference

2 month later, new product is ready

SkyCore 5.png


Radio Operating Frequency Range: 70MHz ~ 6GHz

Dynamic Range: 70dB

Scanning Frequency Resolution: ≤100HZ

Minimum Frequency Bandwidth Detectable: 100Hz

Power Supply Mode: 100V ~ 240V

Supported Wireless Protocols: LightBridge, Ocusync, Ocusync 2.0, WIFI and WIFI variant protocols, Zigbee, Bluetooth, NTSC/PAL, Majority of DIY remote controllers and FPVs, etc.

Supported Wireless Modulations: OFDM, DSSS, FHSS, GFSK, OQPSK, Analog FM, 2FSK, 4FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, etc.



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