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Sports stadiums hold many games, concerts, and big events. An open aired sports stadium has become a favorite spot for the drone users. Drones can cause personal injury to people in the stadium due to technical failure or careless pilot error.


Stadiums are soft targets and vulnerable to drone attacks. Drones, which are cheap to purchase, can easily be converted into weapons and be used as attack vehicles to cause harm to the general public. Drones can be converted into carrier vehicles of explosives, chemicals, or other hazardous substances into the stadium. Even a single drone with the sole purpose to cause panic among people can cause many accidents, for example, via human stampedes and crushes.


Keeping the stadium airspace protected from unauthorized drones is critical in protecting the people, game fans along with all personnel.

Skycope Has Got Your Back

We are a cutting-edge anti-drone systems manufacturer and supplier. Partnering up we will keep your airspace protected from unwanted drones and your fans safe. Skycope is a leading provider of drone detection systems; we will provide you with an early warning system for drones; we will provide you with the state-of-the-art technology to identify where the drones and operators are located. Skycope systems will protect your skies from unauthorized drones.


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